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Feel comforted while traveling or when the kids are home alone, knowing your belongings are safe and secure. We offer vault doors and home safes, delivered and installed at your home.

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We can show you the best options for your home at our shop, make custom orders if needed and provide ongoing service as needed.

Platinum Safe

Premium Platinum gun safes are The Best There Is. Each is constructed using thicker 3/16″ (7-Gauge) steel for added weight and pry resistance. ThermaBlock fire protection is designed to keep heat and flames at bay for two hours. The distinguishing feature of the Platinum is the handsome Grade VI cedar interior. Platinum safes are made in the USA.

Medallion Safe

Peace of mind is the cornerstone of the Medallion with up to 26 active locking bolts including Pry-Stop Corner Bolts — to keep your valuables secure. Class-leading locking features and thick 10-Gauge steel maximize resistance to break in. Medallion safes are made in the USA.

Silver Safe

Silver safes are best sellers for good reason, they include all of our exclusive interior storage and convenience features at an attractive price. A solid 11-Gauge steel body not only adds weight and strength for protection against break in, it also resists flex from heat and contributes to the 100 minute fire protection rating. Silver safes are made in the USA.

Armored U.S. Gun Safe

Created for those who appreciate “black guns” as much as (or even more than) walnut and blued steel, Browning Prosteel Armored U.S. safes are designed to accommodate the Modern Sporting Rifle and shooting equipment more suited to a 3-gun match than the skeet range.

1878 Safe

From the weathered Metal Glaze finish to the rugged security and fire protection features that protect your guns and most valuable possessions, the 1878 is one tough safe. It features the industry-leading Axis Adjustable Shelving interior that let’s you configure the shelves to optimize storage to meet your exact demands. Due to variations in the metal used to construct the body and door, every 1878 safe is unique, with an individual look and character of its own. 1878 safes are made in the USA.

Hell’s Canyon Safe

Like the name implies, a Hell’s Canyon safe has the security and exterior toughness to keep all of your valuables safe … and we do mean all of them. The cavernous interior provides maximum storage and includes the interior features to keep everything organized. Hell’s Canyon safes are made in the USA.

Rawhide Safe

Head ‘em up and move ‘em into a Rawhide safe. A tough 11-Gauge steel body and Pry-Stop End Bolts improve resistance to break-in. The excellent 1550° F/80 min. fire rating offers additional protection. A standout feature is the faux leather-trimmed interior that adds a touch of rugged class. A full DPX door storage rack adds storage while improving access to more long guns.

Browning HTR33 Hunter Safe

Browning has released the HTR33 Hunter Series Gun Safe for the summer of 2022. It has many great features available all at an affordable price. Since it is a standard size at 60″ tall by 29.50″ wide by 24.50″ deep, it is designed to hold 33 total long guns (26 inside + 7 on the door). It also has some room at the top of the safe for adjustable shelves to store other items, valuables, and important paperwork.

MP Blackout

The MP Blackout safe gives you the rugged quality, security and fire protection that you can count on. The Blackout graphic lends patriotic new flair to the slick tactical black finish. The 1400° F/60 minute fire protection rating provides piece of mind against disaster. The CMS Adjustable Interior and DPX door system provide versatile storage for guns of all lengths.

Sporter Safe

A gun safe that combines the level of security features, fire protection, interior versatility and build quality can only come from Browning. A durable 12-Gauge steel body increases strength and outperforms similar safes that only carry the California DOJ rating. Sporter safes also add our proprietary ThermaBlock fire protection features to offer 60 minutes of fire protection at 1,400°. Patented DPX door storage and CMS Adjustable Shelving add class-leading versatility to this great line-up. From Tall Wide to Closet to Compact, there is a safe to fit your home, needs and budget.

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